nature's edge

In November, I had a solo art show at the Boxcar Gallery in Denver. The space was pretty large but I managed to fill it up relatively well. The work in the front room was all work I produced this year for this particular show, and it was hung salon style. Here is my press release for the show:

“Where the outskirts of the city meet the beginnings of the wilderness. A curious fringe where buildings intersect with flora and man collides with beast. Sara Schalliol-Hodge presents a collection of limited-edition block-prints embellished with collage, hand-drawing, and a bit of the surreal. Work on display at the Boxcar Gallery in November. First Friday opening reception on Nov. 2nd from 6-10pm.”

This was my first time incorporating collage and sewing with my prints. When the body of work was coming together, it felt like something really was clicking in my head. Adding collage and sewing to my printmaking feels like a breakthrough for me. I’m exciting to keep going forward with this new mixed-media.

In another room of the gallery, I hung earlier unframed prints with magnets. And in the back room, I had my “merch”, consisting of archival prints, cards, stickers, patches, pins, hats, and tea towels.