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tea towel | fatal florals

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A tea towel / kitchen towel featuring 16 poisonous flower illustrations by ilikesara / Sara Schalliol-Hodge. "Fatal Florals" has been screenprinted by hand onto 100% cotton.

Featuring Oleander, Showy Milkweed, Morning Glory, Rhododendron, Bleeding Heart, Lily of the Valley, Azalea, Foxglove, Deadly Nightshade, Angel's Trumpet, Lazarus Bell, Yellow Jessamine, Water Hemlock, Wolf's Bane, Larkspur, and Wisteria.

Great for drying hands and dishes, holding a teacup, wrapping up a gift, etc.

-dusty rose, black, white, and deep pink
-about 16" x 24"
-100% cotton
-features a corner loop on the back for easy hanging

-machine wash warm or cool on a gentle setting.